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Haiku of the day

Rays of morning sun illuminate the clutter in my muddled brain

Another page of my Sherlock script

So, I’ve put up the next to last page of my Sherlock script. Here is an excerpt: 25. EXT – LONDON STREET – DAY JOHN is walking down the street after exiting the tube. He passes an alley and hands reach out and pull him into the alley. It is the MAN who has been … Continue reading

Haiku of the day

Beginning to write I gaze at an empty screen. focusing my thoughts.

Hope springs eternal – Lunatics may have young viewers

Today some students asked me about space, and they seemed genuinely interested. I talked about it with them and it made me think that they might watch the kind of story that I plan to write. My story, Lunatics, is about a space colony. The first human space colony on the moon. It is started … Continue reading

Projects, writing, and disbelievers

So today someone asked me what I would be doing in the future. I told him that I would be writing and tried to explain open culture to him in a few minutes while in a school lunch room. He punched up something on his iphone and looked at me as if I was delusional. … Continue reading

Sherlock mistakes, revisions, and writing

When I watch “The Great Game” ( the 3rd episode of the Sherlock TV series) There is one mistake that always leaps out at me. In the Carl Powers case, in hour 3, Sherlock yells out Clostridium Botulinum as if he has just identified the cause and an image of bacteria is flashed on the … Continue reading

Empty House page 4 up

My next installment in my empty house screenplay. Here is an excerpt : JOHN … So how are you getting on. It must have been difficult having to hide him in your apartment. I know that Sherlock is not the easiest of roommates. MOLLY Oh I didn’t mind. I’ve been pretty much on my own … Continue reading

When your worst enemy is yourself

Today I had a talk with my husband about the future. What we plan to do, what we hope to do, what we have already done, and how it will affect us. But as we looked at what we had been doing, what stood out for me is how I have been limiting myself. The … Continue reading

Support independent animation – Morevna Project

My friends at Morevnia project are almost at the end of their time. Please take a look at their animation project and give them some funding to continue. They are also working on making independent online movies. Somethings all writers should encourage, as it gives us more outlets for our scripts. -R 🙂   Morevna … Continue reading

Formatting is kicking my a**

I just put up page 3 of my Empty house screenplay, but I had to go over it and over it to make the text format in any way decently. This is really annoying! Well here is the link to page 3. Or you can start at the beginning. Exerpt: JOHN Well then. SHERLOCK Well … Continue reading