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Hope springs eternal – Lunatics may have young viewers

Today some students asked me about space, and they seemed genuinely interested.

I talked about it with them and it made me think that they might watch the kind of story that I plan to write.

My story, Lunatics, is about a space colony. The first human space colony on the moon. It is started by some private citizens who raise money to get it built, and it exists in an uneasy alliance with an American Air-force Base as well as some mining and research stations .

I wanted to write it, because nobody else has written it yet.

Now I am working on reading/audition scripts for the actors. Here is an excerpt.

Rob is the colony leader. This is him talking to his wife when a previous set-back caused the colony to be cancelled.


No, this is it. It’s all over. There is nothing else to do. I’ve failed. You probably wished that you had married that Doctor instead of me.


Don’t be ridiculous.


But it’s not just you, I’ve failed. I’ve failed everyone.


Rob. Stop beating yourself up. The world isn’t going to end because of a single political decision.


Isn’t that always the way the world ends? Because of some stupid political decision?


All I mean is that in a couple of years there will be a new congress and a new administration and we can start again.


I’m too old to start again. This was my time. My time is over. Everything is over. I’ve failed and they will fight their stupid wars and destroy our civilization and we’ll be stuck on this stupid cinder of a planet until we die.


Rob, the world doesn’t revolve around you. The moon will come up next month even if you are not there to push it. You’re just NOT THAT IMPORTANT.


Thank you Hiromi. That makes me feel much better.


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