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Empty House page 4 up

My next installment in my empty house screenplay. Here is an excerpt :


… So how are you getting on. It must have been difficult having to hide him in your apartment. I know that Sherlock is not the easiest of roommates.


Oh I didn’t mind. I’ve been pretty much on my own since my dad died. It was nice to have someone to talk to, even if he never listened to me. “Senseless prattle” he called it, but it kept him company.


On the inside, Sherlock is really very fragile. isn’t he?


That’s not what most people would call him. He seems pretty self-absorbed and independent.


He seems that way, but we both know differently don’t we?



He cares about you a great deal John, did you know? It broke his heart to say goodbye to you. Dozens of times I’ve seen him start to write to you or call you and then he stops himself and has to play his violin.


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