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Exerpt from my screenplay – The Empty House ( The return of Sherlock Holmes)

Not being able to wait for Season 3 of Sherlock. I wrote my own Screenplay for the Opening.

Sherlock – The Empty House pg 2

Here is an exerpt:


JOHN WATSON sitting in front of television in the same chair. A container of take-out food sits on the table.


Still no leads on the mysterious death of Ronald Adair.

 But speaking of mysterious deaths now it’s time for our segment where we talk about news of the past. Catherine Ein joins us with a story about the suicide of the fake genius detective, Sherlock Holmes.

A woman with large blond hair stands outside of Barts hospital, The caption reads CATHERINE EIN.


It’s been one year since the fake genius Sherlock Holmes jumped to his death here at St. Bartholomew’s hospital. The suicide was thought to have been in response to findings that Holmes had fabricated evidence, and had in fact paid actor Richard Brook to assume the role of Jim Moriarty in the fabulously publicized court case of the theft of the crown jewels.

The death was made even more mysterious by the fact that Richard Brook was found dead on the roof of the hospital in what was also an apparent suicide. Although Mr. Holmes’ motive was clear, no one could understand why Brook would also take his life. But now a close friend of Richard Brook speaks out about Holmes and Brook’s assumed double suicide. And our source is none other than noted columnist Kitty Reilly.

(Kitty’s face appears on the screen. She is obviously much more well-to-do than she was before. )


I knew Richard very well, and I know that he would never have taken his own life. The evidence may appear to show suicide, but I have no doubt that it was Sherlock Holmes who pulled the trigger. Rich was terrified of Holmes.


Kitty, you met Sherlock Holmes. What was he like?


He was a calculating, rude, evil man and I’m sure that he is guilty of every …

Watson turns off the television and throws the remote at it for good measure. Then he gets up, turns off the light, and goes to bed.

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