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Sherlock’s return – The empty house

The second season of BBC’s Sherlock ended with the Reichenbach Fall.

The episode where Moriarty and Sherlock die. Or so it appears.

In the original, Sherlock returns in the episode “The empty House”.

But it took the BBC 18 months to go from Series 1 to Series 2 of Sherlock.

And the third season of Sherlock is not scheduled to appear until January 2013.

I couldn’t wait that long. So I decided to write my own screenplay.

I’ve already finished Act 1, but I am still tweaking it, so I won’t post it all yet.

Here’s the beginning. Tell me if I should write more.

The Empty House

Rozzychan 🙂


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Rosalyn Hunter is the principal writer on the series Lunatics. Please support us. http://lunatics.tv


2 thoughts on “Sherlock’s return – The empty house

  1. This is pretty good! You did a good job with the characterizations.

    Posted by Samantha | April 23, 2012, 1:01 am

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