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Lunatics – creating a new series


Georgiana in jumpsuit (Model sheet by Daniel Fu / CC By-SA 3.0)

Now, I am writing a new series called Lunatics.


Lunatics is the tale of the establishment of the first private moon colony. Many people have written stories where people live on the moon, but mostly they talk about big companies running the moon, or government establishments. There are very few stories about how one goes about making a lunar colony. How do the first colonists survive.?

The story begins with the first child to travel in space. It follows her from the Earth to a space station, to the moon, to her new home. Then we talk about the people who live on the colony and how they support themselves. The first colonists are mostly farming to survive. However, since the moon is still relatively close to Earth, they can still trade to make money.

The first family in space is the Lerners. Rob Lerner is the founder of the International Space Foundation and the soul of the movement. His wife, Hiromi, and his daughter, Georgiana, accompany him to the new moon colony.

The second family is the Farmers. Anya Farmer is a Russian entrepreneur, a business manager, and a pilot. Her husband, Joshua Farmer is an American who has a PhD in space agriculture and grows the crops for the colony. Their son Igor Timothy Farmer is in charge of communications even though he is only fifteen.

Other members Include Sarah Allison, a geologist and R. Allen Emerson, an artist.

They must find away to live together, support themselves, and keep good relations with the US Air Force Lunar base nearby.

The story is in pre-production. More info is on the way.

About rozzychan

Rosalyn Hunter is the principal writer on the series Lunatics. Please support us. http://lunatics.tv


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