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More about Sherlock – BBC Sherlock is the new opium.

In my first post I talked about the Sherlock BBC series and why women love it.

BBC Sherlock is the new opium..

Today someone asked me.

“Tell me about it”

So I’ll begin there.

Sherlock is set in modern times in London. Although House is been a loose adaptation of the Sherlock character, and there were modern movies with characters playing Sherlock such as They might be Giants  with George C Scott, this is a much more faithful adaptation of the books set in modern day.

Some scenes of dialog are transcribed very closely to the original with varations such as Holmes describing a cell phone rather than a pocket watch. In fact part of the fun is seeing how they will convert plot points from one period to another.

One triumph of this new series is the character John Watson. Often he is played as a buffoon whose job is to ask Sherlock what is going on so that he can prove how brilliant he is. This John Watson is more capable. In the original book, he was an army doctor invalided and sent home from the war in Afghanistan.  This story works well as we are again at war in Afghanistan.

He is a crack shot, and even though guns are not legal to carry in Great Britain, he has one that he has kept and uses from time to time in their work. John Watson is incredibly steady under pressure and saves Sherlock’s life in the first episode, and several times after that.

It becomes clear to Sherlock that John Watson is a good man to have around.

For John Watson, Sherlock offers purpose in a life that seems increasingly purposeless. He gives direction, and he is needy in a way that John doesn’t mind. He gives John adventure and excitement that he craves, as well as a subject for his blogs. (Yes blogs have replaced his strand articles.)

Simply stating the logical reasons for the success of the Sherlock/John pairing, doesn’t do enough to explain why the series works so well. It succeeds largely because of the fine acting done by Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson. To say that they were superb would not be overestimating the beautiful chemistry that they portray on the small screen.

The one draw back of the series is the format. Although the ninety minute format seems at times a bit too long, the real tragedy is that there are only three episode produced per year. It’s enough to make a fan girl cry.  😦


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