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BBC Sherlock is the new opium.


Sherlock and John on Phone

Welcome to my blog.

This is my first post on wordpress. I’m planning on writing about all kinds of things that interest me. The first topic I am going to talk about is the BBC series Sherlock. The reason is that it is really well written and acted, and I think that talking about it will not only improve my writing but may also be of interest to the others out there that agree that this series is as addictive and calming as a drug.


Take a look at you tube and search for the tag Sherlock. You will find an incredible amount of videos showing the series characters. Look at the demographics, and you’ll find that while the younger girls love the characters from shows like Merlin, Sherlock OWNS the 35 – 55 year own women block.

Why is that?

My thought. The John / Sherlock relationship.

For those of you who have never seen the series, It is a modern day retelling of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. Although many period stories such as Pride and prejudice and of course Shakespeare works have been updated to the present day, Sherlock Holmes usually is stuck in the Victorian era as firmly as grass stains on a yellow T-shirt.

Updating the series.

The update shows Sherlock and Watson in uptown London using cell phones and taking taxis and solving crimes. Not so different from other detective shows. What makes it different from other shows is that

1. Conan Doyle was a genius, and his character Sherlock is captivating.

2.  John Watson is a much more sympathetic and understandable character.

3. They frame the Sherlock / Watson pairing as a romance. The current term is a bromance.

What I mean by that last part is that each of them is broken in a way that is fixed by their living and working together. Once we see the rightness of the pairing, anything that interferes or threatens their partnership  gives the audience a sense of peril.

I’ll post more after I learn to do things like themes and stuff.




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